Should the new Mount Aspiring College uniform have blazers and a tie?

Currently all through New Zealand it is well-known that school uniforms have a gender neutral ties and blazers.

Mount Aspiring College ( MAC ) is one of the very few schools in New Zealand that don’t have ties. MAC uniform is a casual uniform and not very tidy looking. In summer, girls wear a short sleeve white top with navy blue clots, while in winter they wear a kilt. Boys wear a short sleeve gray top with gray shorts, in winter they wear the same but with an option of wearing long black pants. A gender neutral blue jersey and black jacket for wearing outside. During winter time temperatures can get down to the negatives, so having a thin layered polo fleece isn’t the warmest layer out there. A new uniform with blazers and ties would keep the students warmer and looking smart and tidy at the same time. This means going on school trips MAC would look professional and sophisticated.

A survey that was sent out to parents and students, showed that 49% of people wanted to change the uniform to blazers and ties. 21% said they would like to keep it the same and the other 30% said to get rid of it altogether. The results show that although not everyone wants to have blazers and ties there is needed a change to the uniform.




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